Uncritical admiration

A Nottinghamshire radio presenter says “I think I’d still be in the QMC if it wasn’t for my helmet,” after a four-hour memory loss following a concussion in a bike crash. Really? Is he certain of that? In June 2010 I was in a crash when a car turned across me as I was going downhill at probably around 25mph. I walked out of the hospital six hours later on my own two feet without so much as a headache (though the broken rib was another story). I was hectored by numerous hospital staff including one doctor who told me point-blank that I must either start wearing a helmet or give up cycling.

So, two collisions, similar outcomes (concussion). In one case the rider was wearing a helmet and it Saved His Life™, in the other the rider wasn’t and was told that if he had been it would have Saved His Life™. Or maybe the doctors are wrong and actually helmets make very little difference in crashes severe enough to cause unconsciousness – as one would expect from a perusal of the specifications.