Why helmet laws fail

Welcome to the tour of why helmet laws fail.  You can either click starting off or you can go directly to the relevant section from the list below.

  1. Before you ride, in which we remember that safety starts not with what you wear on your head, but with your bike.
  2. Starting off, in which we try to join the traffic stream safely in spite of the best efforts of the local council.
  3. Now you see me… in which it dawns on us that the best way to be seen is to be where people are looking
  4. The 85% solution in which we discover that 85% of statistics are made up
  5. How injured is injured? in which we find that scary brain injuries and injuries prevented by helmets are not the same thing at all

When you’ve finished the tour, you might want to visit the Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation’s article which summarises known helmet laws.  You’ll see that, far from helping, many helmet laws have actually made matters considerably worse.