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The history and development of bicycle in the world (Part 3)

In 1878, two bicycle manufacturers from England, Otto and Wallace, invented a 2-wheel bicycle called Kangaroo. This is the first widely available bicycle equipped with the most complete slug – fork system. Kangaroo has bigger front wheels that allow it to move faster.

The manufacturers realized that if the wheels were bigger, a driver’s pedal would take the vehicle a longer distance. For that reason manufacturers are racing to make cars with bigger front wheels.

Buyers will have to choose a vehicle with the size of the front wheel to match their foot length to ensure they can be used. This is also the first time people use the word Bicyle (bicycle) to refer to two-wheeled vehicles, using the power of “pedal and run”.

Kangaroo bicycle of Otto and Wallace in 1878

The biggest drawback of bike models during this period was that the driver’s seat was too high, so the focus on the bike was not evenly distributed.

If the front wheel stumbles on a stone or is moving down a slope, the entire vehicle will dive forward while the driver’s foot is stuck on the pedal, plus the control position is quite high so very prone to dangerous injuries, especially head injuries.

In 1879, Bayliss Thomas invented “The Bayliss Thomas” bicycle with a frame made of hollow steel pipes and equipped with front forks. Around the same time, English inventor Harry John Lawson created the first bicycle model to use a chain of slugs. The chain is connected between the forks on the rear wheel axle and the pedal of the operator. This model is called a safety bicycle. This is the forerunner of today’s bike.

1874, By 1878, the first bicycles were produced in large quantities in the United States by the Pope company owned by Albert Augustus Pope.

1880 – 1899: golden age

In 1880, the British inventor was E.C.F. Otto created a “dicycle” bicycle model with two equal sized wheels placed side by side. The driver sits between the two wheels and operates the car with pedals on the sides.

When you want to control a vehicle turning left or right, the driver stops pedaling in the direction corresponding to the direction you want to turn. This model was not mass produced due to its complicated control and difficulty.

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WHO encourages cycling when travelling and exercising

The World Health Organization has encouraged cycling even when traveling and exercising to maintain health promotion activities during the corona virus crisis.

There has been a lot of debate in the UK about health training such as your daily exercise and how far cyclists should go, although the government does not give official guidelines on when or range.

WHO recommends cycling

But WHO has issued a welcome notice that cycling is encouraged, both for transportation and for how to stay healthy during the global crisis caused by the disease.

A statement by the organization said: While many cities around the world are introducing a series of measures to limit social exposure to prevent and slow down the COVID-19 pandemic, many still may need to move around cities to get to work. Meet daily necessities or provide support to the most vulnerable when possible.

Whenever feasible, consider cycling or walking. This provides distance between people. Meanwhile, it helps meet the minimum requirements for daily physical activity, which can be more difficult due to increased distance work, and limited participation in sports and leisure activities. other positions.

The British government has advised that we should all avoid unnecessary travel and social interaction, close restaurants, pubs and clubs, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop cycling.

Charity Cycling UK has issued a guideline for cycling during the isolation of the corona virus isolation, including asking the driver to get as much food and water as possible for your trip, to help you avoid stopping. in store and social contact.

A part of us being able to exercise for as long is a balancing act, and we all need to achieve that balance depending on the context.

The advice of cycling in UK is to go outside long enough to keep yourself in good physical and emotional condition but avoid doing more than that.

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The history and development of bicycle in the world (Part 2)

1860s: Pedal appears and Boneshaker or Velocipede

The next development of the bike is a bike similar to Drais’ Laufmaschine but equipped with a crankshaft and pedals mounted directly to the front wheel axle. This model was introduced by the French inventor Pierre Michaux in the 1865s called Fast-Foot and caused a fashion craze when everyone raced to own it. At that time, people also gave it another name is a car shook bones (Boneshaker).

The funny name Boneshaker comes from the fact that the wheels are made of wood while the wheels are made of metal. This combination makes driving on rough roads extremely uncomfortable, rambling as both walking and “shaking bone”. It is for this reason that Boneshaker during this period has not been widely available.

1870s: The High Wheel Bicycle

The development of the metallurgical level at that time allowed the creation of small metal parts, thin but strong enough to withstand the weight of the human body. In 1870, the first all-metal bike was invented by two bicycle manufacturers, James Starley and William Hillman. This car is named “Ariel” with big front wheels and small rear wheels.

Ariel bike in 1870 with big front wheels and small rear wheels

With a lightweight frame, Ariel was able to travel at 24km / h, a bicycle speed record at the time. Similar to Boneshaker, the pedals are still mounted directly to the front wheel axle and do not have a flap mechanism. Tires are made of hard, dense rubber and long, slender spokes that allow the car to move much smoother than previous models.

Originating from the need for a bicycle design for women, in 1876, James Starley continued to invent a 3-wheel bicycle called Salvo. This is the first bike to be equipped with a double chain gear chain on the wheels.

This design will let The wheel will spin for 2 times when the operator rides 1 cycle. Both wheels are equipped with metal spokes. Later, this model became very popular due to its low price, easy to control and operate safely.

James Starley was the inventor of the chain mechanism that connects the two gears mounted on the bicycle together. He was dubbed the father of the bicycle industry.

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The history and development of bicycle in the world (Part 1)

A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle used for control of a bicycle, consisting of two wheels attached to the same chassis, one after the other. Most bicycles move by the control of the rider, and maintain balance by the law of preserving the moment of inertia.

Bicycles are a means of transport with a long history of development and in the face of escalating fuel costs, people are returning to bicycles as a means to save, reduce environmental pollution and also is a method of health training.

Bicycles were put into use in the 19th century in Europe. By 2003, bicycles had more than one billion worldwide, more than double the number of cars. The basic shape and configuration of a standing bike, or safety bike, have changed little since the first model of the bike was developed around 1885, though the idea of ​​a vehicle This has been around since 1700. The following is a video depicting the whole “evolution” of this two-man power-selling car.

To become a complete transportation mode today, the bicycle has undergone a development history with a series of innovations by many inventors. Let’s take a look at important milestones in the process of formation and development of the bike.

1817: Drais walking machine – the bicycle is born

The first concept of bicycles came from the early 19th century. The German baron, Baron von Drais, came up with the idea of ​​inventing a vehicle that could help him move quickly around the completed garden. In 1817, he introduced a “walking” vehicle called Laufmaschine (in German it means “foot-powered machine”). On his first use on June 12, 1817, he traveled the 13km road in less than an hour.

Laufmaschine is also known as Draisine (English) or draisienne (French) or Hobby Horse (wooden horse) because it is made almost entirely from wood. The car weighs 22kg with the structure of 2 wooden wheels covered with iron of equal size and mounted on a wooden frame. The front wheel can drive and the rear wheel is equipped with a brake. The vehicle is operated by the driver will push the ground to the back and it will move forward.

He was granted a commercial patent for this invention in 1818. Thousands of units were produced primarily in Western Europe and North America, but there was still a shortcoming that it was difficult to maintain balance when control. Drais’ invention was quickly rejected by users due to the increasing number of accidents that forced some municipalities to ban the use of this vehicle.

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Top 5 brands for bike racing in the world

Not only possessing specialized technologies, but the continuous reforms that help the racing bikes from these famous brands become increasingly high-speed and actively support riders.

In addition to the purpose of cycling for health, a large number of users use bicycles as a means to conquer racing tracks, and to meet this purpose, you need to own bikes.

And if you are looking to buy a racing bike but do not know which brand of the best bike to choose, here are the best cycling bike brands in the world.

1. Specialized racing bike

A bicycle brand of groundbreaking innovations and innovations in the bicycle industry. Since its inception in 1981, the company has been constantly pursuing the development of new technologies used in bicycles – thought to be a rudimentary vehicle.

2. Bianchi racing bicycle

Famous sports bicycle brand from the United States famous for Countervail technology – the brake system in combination. Bianchi’s racing bikes are very familiar with cyclists and many of Bianchi’s racing bikes have entered history as one of the world’s best racing bikes every year, for example bicycle. Racing Bianchi Infinito CV.

3. Cannondale racing bike 

Launched in 1983 Cannondale bikes bring to market a very impressive range of road racing bikes. Since its inception, Cannodale has gained a great deal of success with its bikes helping riders to win high prizes in cycling competitions, such as the 5 Giro d’Italia Maglia Rosas championships.

4. Cervelo race bike

Speed ​​bike manufacturer Cervelo was founded in 1995 by two engineers to create the fastest bike possible. In 2014, Cervelo’s bicycles were voted as one of the best 40 bicycles by 2014 by both the American top ranked American Cyclery and Fit Werx.

The company currently produces mainly 3 bicycle series including R series, S series and P series. All of its bikes are made from carbon frames and have the speed of “light” that many riders love.

5. Trek high-end bicycle

Famous for mountain biking and mixed bikes for many different travel needs, the famous car company from the United States – Trek deserves to stand among the top bicycle brands in the world.

Founded in 1976, Trek bikes are known for their high quality bikes, dealing with simple and complex problems for cyclists. For the Trek sports bike line, the company also has but specialized to bring users with the best speed and perfection for users.

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Complete guide to choosing the most suitable bike (Part 3)

Choose to buy sports bikes that suit your needs

This is one of those notes of special importance that you cannot help but consider before buying a sports bike. By function, there are many different types of sports bikes, each with its own unique structural characteristics.

First, you need to determine the purpose of using your sport bike for what purpose and what kind of bike you like. If you are an enthusiast and want to conquer the speed, Road Bike will be a complete suggestion. But if you often have experiences on rough roads, climbing, MTB with a sporty style, the ability to move well on the roads with many obstacles will certainly be the perfect suggestion for you.

Besides, if you are a highly technical person and like to perform with friends and enthusiasts, a performance style male sports bike will be extremely suitable for you.

Choose the vehicle size

To be able to use the most comfortable during traveling with sports bikes, the selection, consideration of vehicle size is also quite important note. Because choosing an inappropriate car is too small or too large for your stature will cause feelings of discomfort, even cause the safety becomes limited.

So, you need to make sure that parts such as the chassis, steering wheel, saddle are really suited to your physique. Like men, if height is over 1m75, they should choose 18 “frame, whereas men with lower height, cars with 16” or 17 “frame will be the most suitable choice.

Parameters of men’s sports bicycles

The structure of a sports bike as well as a male sports bike is a combination of many different parts and accessories. Therefore, to choose a standard car model, to ensure quality as well as safety during the moving process, it is essential to consider and learn the specifications of the vehicle.

Along with that, you should pay attention to the welds on the chassis, the frame material, the quality of the coating, the chassis number, the movement of the car. Also you need to pay attention to the rims, chains, brakes to determine the quality and ensure the car is genuine.

Above is some information not to be missed before choosing to buy male sports bike.

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Complete guide to choosing the most suitable bike (Part 2)

Racing Bike

Racing bikes are often lightweight to increase speed. The sport bike has the main function of serving in cycling journeys which are usually lightweight, simple structure with slender shape, thin tires, horn handlebar, saddle with characteristics for the driver to lean forward slightly to reduce wind resistance.

The reason this type of sports bike is specially designed to prioritize speed, helping the bike to reach the maximum speed on the travel distance.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes designed uniquely for adventures. This is a bike with a heavier weight than a Road Bike. Designed with the main purpose of exploring and conquering rugged roads and rugged terrain, factors such as high safety, ability to grip the road, good suspension regime are details. The company is focused on this car.

Touring Bike

With its name, Touring Bike has a design optimized for functions such as: load capacity, carrying luggage for trips through long frames. and solid. This type of vehicle is suitable for exercise or road trip.

Besides, when classifying by function, specific sports bikes are male sports bikes, including street bikes (Hybrid bike), type of bikes for performance purposes – performance bikes ( BMX Bike), or folding bicycles and some other vehicles.

Regardless of the classification based on criteria, sports bikes are still one of the most diverse and structural vehicles today. Therefore, choosing a suitable car is not easy at all.

Notes to choose the best male sports bike

Sports bikes are increasingly popular and widely used in the passion of many people, especially men. Because of its stylish design, strong design with a sporty appearance as well as the high-end of each bike, sports bikes have quickly won the trust and favor of men.

From that fact, there are many different types of male sports bikes on the market today with diverse and richly colored designs. So before deciding to choose your male sports bike, you cannot help but consider an important criterion to make the most appropriate and perfect decision.

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Complete guide to choosing the most suitable bike (Part 1)

With outstanding advantages in design as well as speeding function that surpasses conventional cars that male sport bikes are increasingly popular, so how to choose a standard bike?

Life is constantly developing, life is improving, people do not just stop at dressing up, but issues such as beauty, playing, health training, sports are also extremely focused. Many people have chosen sports bikes as a vehicle that can meet all those desires.

With these structures, outstanding features different from conventional bicycles such as mini bikes, electric bicycles that sport bikes are becoming one of the most popular vehicles in the world.

Choosing the right vehicle will help you stay comfortable

The object of sports bike use is not only at professional athletes but also attracts people everywhere, all ages, in which the majority is concentrated in men through the healthy sporty style of it. From this large demand, there are many different types of male sports bikes on the market, ranging from models to colors, which make it difficult for many people to choose, find and buy. sport bicycle.

In order to make it easier for everyone to buy men’s sports bikes, the article would like to share some information, how to choose the best male sports bike.

Distinguish popular male sports bicycles

Similar to other vehicles, sports bikes in general and male sports bikes in particular are also distinguished by many different types and differentiated criteria such as: according to the frame structure, material Chassis or distinguished by function of use. Accordingly, functional classification is the type commonly applied to sports bikes.

Regarding the form of classification according to the frame structure, sports bikes are divided into 2 types including straight frame and folding frame. In terms of frame materials, sports bikes can be divided into categories including aluminum alloy frame, steel alloy frame, more advanced titanium, carbon frame.

In particular, the classification of sport bikes by function is considered the most popular form of classification. From a functional perspective, sport bikes are divided into several categories with distinct structural characteristics.