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The world’s top 3 virtual motorcycle racing betting sites

You can bet not only with real sports matches but also with virtual competitions on betting sites. Maybe you should try the 3 virtual motorcycle racing websites below first.

1. William Hill

As a traditional, trusted bookmaker and a pioneer in virtual sports betting, among the many options in the Virtual World section on William Hill’s website is the virtual motor racing zone, which is very impressive. William Hill has only one virtual track where races are played every four minutes to ensure that players never have to wait long for more betting opportunities.

Those betting opportunities are limited to race winners, paying a quarter of the odds to the riders on the podium of glory. Furthermore, each virtual race is displayed via a stream at the top of the William Hill website, with good cartoon style graphics, and each race comes with actual commentary.

2. Betvictor

Taking second place on our list of the best motorcycle racing betting sites is Betvictor. The site hosts a new race approximately every nine minutes, day and night. That means adventurous players have to wait a bit longer between races than at William Hill but still enjoy impressive animated graphics and realistic, accurate audio commentary.

Like William Hill, Betvictor usually only offers one prize to the winner of the virtual motorcycle race (F1), but there are always terms per way. Those terms are usually 1/5 odds for the top three spots in a given race.

3. Betfred

Betfred offers an outstanding range of virtual motor racing deals. Go to the virtual sports section of the Bet365 website and you’ll find a dedicated motorcycle racing section, in which races from two fictional tracks are held.

At each track, the races run in as little as three minutes and have staggered start times, meaning you never have to wait more than two minutes at any time of day or night when starting a new virtual motorcycle race.

And when you decide to watch Betfred’s virtual motorcycle racing section, you will see that it consists of two main parts. At the top of the page is where races are shown live, and each player gets high-quality graphics and real-time entertainment commentary.

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10 tips you should know when mountain biking riding

Mountain bike riding can be a great way to ride in the countryside, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet and socialize with interesting companions. Joining the first time can be a little difficult and requires a lot of support.

Here are ten tips for the first time taking from my personal experience and being part of a support group. Take note of these and you will not only finish the race but truly enjoy the great feeling of the truth. See quality genuine gear bicycle shop cheap quality.

1. Pre-test on similar terrains to experience and gain experience.

2. Choose a reputable bike brand. Check the quality of the bike carefully at least a few weeks before the event so that you don’t waste time fixing it. You won’t want to waste the whole workout just because your bike has a problem and can’t enter the race.

3. Make sure the bike is a perfect fit and fit. Riding a poorly set bike at high intensity for a long time will cause your leg problems and take a very long time to recover.

4. Start using supplements and energy supplements first during your workout so your body becomes used to them. Do not suddenly start using a new product on the first day as your body is unfamiliar and may have a bad reaction.

5. For the professional, use pain reliever cream and need to use it right away.

6. Organize a great support team to get you ready, a timely cheer will help you recover at the end of the race.

7. Wake up early and warm up slowly to warm up, move your legs and check the trek bike carefully before setting off.

8. Make sure you know all the turns on the road and do not depend on people going ahead to know which section to turn.

9. Ride at your best speed and not braking eagerly by off the road. There is always control and attention to any technical part.

Ride at your best speed and not braking eagerly by off the road

10. Have fun, smile a lot, and joke with your fellow riders. You never know when you might need their help.


Above are 10 tips you should know when mountain biking riding. We wish you will have a safe and fun time enjoying this sport.

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Tour de France has the youngest champion in 111 years

Before the tournament, Tadej Pogacar was a young talent currently joining UCI WorldTeam UAE Team Emirates, he was not as appreciated as other seniors. However, Pogacar’s relentless efforts paid off with the Tour de France 2020 championship.

Tadej Pogacar finished first in the 20th leg of the Tour de France

A not so outstanding start, Tadej Pogacar was surprised to finish first in the 20th leg of the Tour de France. The young Slovenian racer has excelled at his best in the timed mountain range. That allowed Pocagar to enter the final stage with a sense of comfort, 59 seconds ahead of heavyweight competitor Roglic.

Tadej Pogacar finished first in the 20th leg of the Tour de France

In stage 21, the last stage, Pogacar only needs to complete the competition to be almost champions. And this young driver did just that when he finished finishing in Paris on September 21. Thereby he became the first Slovenian racer to win the Tour de France.

This achievement also makes Pogacar the second-youngest driver ever to be crowned at the Tour de France at the age of 21, and the youngest in 111 years. This victory helped Pogacar pocket a bonus of 500,000 euros.

Pogacar’s victory was predicted before in the 20th leg, he surprised him by surpassing fellow countryman Primoz Roglic. That puts Pocagar a comfortable 59 seconds closer to the final leg.

In stage 21 and the last stage, Pogacar only needs to reach the finish line to be almost champions. And this young driver did just that when he finished the finish line in Paris on September 21. He became the first Slovenian racer to win the Tour de France.

The huge prize for the winner

Besides, at the age of 21, Pogacar is also the second youngest rider ever to win the race and is the youngest in 111 years. This victory helped Pogacar earn a bonus of 500,000 euros.

Before the tournament, Tadej Pogacar was almost an anonymous name

Before the tournament, Tadej Pogacar was almost an anonymous name, and no one expected this young racer to be crowned. But his relentless efforts paid off. The runner-up in stage 21 was Irish racer Sam Bennett.

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Pogacar became the champion of Tour de France 2020 – the first Slovenian champion

Slovenian cyclists win big at Tour de France 2020 not only by Tadej Pogacar and Primoz Roglic on the podium of glory.

Sam Bennett is the winner of the 21st leg, the last leg of the Tour de France 2020. However, the focus in Paris must be Tadej Pogacar. Not only did he become the first Slovenian racer to win the Tour de France’s final yellow shirt, but also won a white shirt for the best young racer under 25 years old and a polka dot shirt for the King of Passing.

Pogacar won the Tour de France 2020

The Tour de France 2020’s final yellow shirt must be Pogacar’s best 22nd birthday gift on Monday, September 21.

At the same time, he became the second-youngest racer in history and the youngest ever to win the Tour de France after Henri Cornet in 1904. He was also the first rookie to win the final yellow shirt after Laurent Fignon in 1983.

Pogacar won the Tour de France 2020

Countryman Roglic finished second, just 59 seconds behind. The Australian rider, Richie Porte, ranked third, 3 minutes and 30 seconds behind the final yellow shirt. Pogacar and Roglic took the first two positions for Slovenia, which is also an achievement that no athlete can do after England in 2012 with Bradley Wiggins first and Chris Froome second.

Pogacar became the champion of Tour de France 2020 – the first Slovenian champion

In addition to the final yellow shirt, Pogacar also won 3 stages of the Tour de France 2020, the most famous bike racing in the world nowadays.

Meanwhile, Bennett became the first Irish racer to win the final green shirt for the most-scoring racer since Sean Kelly in 1989. As for Peter Sagan, he missed the chance to extend his record to 8 times.

Returning to the 122 km long 21-mile stretch from Mantes-la Jolie to Paris, Bennett is the strongest racer. Later he was respectively defending champion Mads Pedersen and Sagan. This is the first time that the UAE team the Team Emirates won the final, ending 5 consecutive years of dominance of the Ineos-Grenadiers racing team.

Ineos-Grenadiers won 7 of the previous eight Tour de France competitions, now there is an unforgettable race due to defending champion Egan Bernal.

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UCI World Tour’s first multi-stage road bike tour after Covid-19

The 92-year-old Tour de Pologne will be the first UCI World Tour long-distance road bike tournament to come after the Covid-19 pandemic. The tournament will take place from 5-8 to 9-8, starting from Chorow and destination in Krakow. However, to ensure the health and safety of everyone, the tournament will limit reporters and spectators watching

Meanwhile, the audience will be banned from watching the riders compete at the starting line and the destination, while reporters and journalists are also not invited to participate in the news.

To solve the problem of information, photos, video recording of the Tour de Pologne 2020, and convey them to the public, the organizer explained, they will use a team of specialized journalists, producing their own programs. Information, promoting the tournament, through photos, articles, videos, and the team must also meet the requirements of medical examination – health, extremely strict.

In addition, events on the sidelines of the tournament, usually held in public places in race cities, were also canceled, as the organizer wanted to limit the minimum number of people in places. sensitivity, reducing the risk of new disease outbreaks.

However, the Tour de Pologne 2020, like many other sports tournaments taking place in many parts of the world, still needs an audience. That’s why, even though fans are banned from watching competitions at the start and destination.

They still have the right to watch on both sides of the road during the races, as long as they strictly follow the measures of social spacing of local governments. Meanwhile, reporters were not invited to report, still work on the two sides of the road, with the requirement to stand half a meter away, and the riders with the same distance.

Before the Tour de Pologne 2020, the two Vuelta a Burgos and Strade Bianche tournaments also took place, signaling that the 2020 road bike season is starting to be active again. However, the Vuelta a Burgos (which will take place from July 28 to August 1) is only part of the UCI Europe Tour system, while Strade Bianche (held on August 1) is a one-stage tournament. single race.

At the Tour de Pologne 2019, after 1,036 kilometers of the track, going through 7 stages, Pavel Sirakov (Russia, Ineos) won the final Yellow Vests with a record of 26 hours 20 minutes and 58 seconds, more than the second place is Jai Hindley (Australia, Sunweb) in just 2 seconds. Ineos also won the team championship with a total record of 79 hours 7 minutes and 11 seconds.

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Kristina Vogel: A vigorous cyclist

For a normal person, it is not easy to be a policeman, a politician, and a speaker. Yet that’s the life Kristina Vogel, 29-year-old female bicycle athlete who used to win the Olympic Games. And she does it all in a wheelchair.

Since joining herself in speed cycling, putting her foot on the pallet and focusing on her journey to the finish line, Kristina Vogel has always been aware of the potential risks. In 2009, she thought she was going to die after colliding with a bus. She fell into a coma for 2 days with a broken arm, broken cheekbones and six permanent teeth gone. Fortunately not paralyzed, woke up, unable to speak, so Vogel wrote on a piece of paper that will participate in the World Championship next year.

And Vogel returned to reality, not only that, but finished fifth. By 2012, she won the World Gold Medal in team sprint competition. She then re-established that achievement at the London Olympic Games after surpassing two strong opponents from China and England.

In 2018, Vogel had another accident. This time at Cottbus Stadium, she collided with another racer while dashing at 64hm / h. She was horrified to discover that her feet were no longer feeling. The German athlete was not as lucky as the last time, when she suffered a spinal fracture at the seventh thoracic vertebra, resulting in paralysis of the lower body.

When she was told that she could no longer walk, she thought it might be better to die. A series of questions flashed through my head that how to continue the rest of my life? Will you attach yourself to the wheelchair? Is there a way to do simple things without having to ask someone else? And she was afraid to leave the hospital to start living that way.

Of course, the racing career is over. It was a difficult decision. When he could no longer sit in the saddle, Vogel realized how much he loved it. And she regretted having always considered cycling as a job, not a passion. But it’s all over anyway. She had to start a new life.

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Honda Announced 2020 Racing Operation Plan

Honda has recently announced its participation in the Dakar Rally 2020 as well as 2020 World Championship Racing.

Until now, Honda has participated in many motor racing categories of world championships managed by Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) with factory teams operated by Honda Racing Corporation (HRC).

2019 is the year marking the 60th anniversary of Honda’s first participation in the Isle of Man TT Racing in 1959. 2019 is also the year that Honda riders have won the championship title at the The prestigious items are FIM MotoGP World Championship, FIM Motocross World Championship and FIM Trial World Championship.

By 2020, the racing teams of the manufacturer HRC will aim to protect the championship at MotoGP, Motocross and Trials. Moreover, HRC’s production team will continue to compete at the Dakar Rally World Championship, which will take place from South America to Saudi Arabia from next year.

From the 2020 season, Honda will also bring its HRC manufacturer racing team to the FIM Superbike World Championship, with two drivers Álvaro Bautista (Spanish national) and Leon Haslam (British national), together Racing cars based on the new CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE SP. Takumi Takahashi – the champion of MFJ * 3 All Japan Road Race Championship 2017 will also participate in the FIM Superbike World Championship, playing for Honda’s satellite team MIE Racing Team.

Many other Honda racing teams such as: F.C.C. TSR Honda France will also continue to strive to be the top of the FIM Endurance World Championship, or the Honda HRC Team (Honda American manufacturer race team) will continue to compete to win the title at 450SX in the League. won the AMA * 4 Supercross Championship.

Sports racing has become a driving force for Honda, through competition at various races, Honda technology and personnel are more prominent than ever. Racing spirit and technology applied in the field of racing has become a part of many Honda products. Honda will continue its efforts to realize the slogan “The Power of Dreams” to its customers through motorsport products, services and activities.