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Top 5 brands for bike racing in the world

Not only possessing specialized technologies, but the continuous reforms that help the racing bikes from these famous brands become increasingly high-speed and actively support riders.

In addition to the purpose of cycling for health, a large number of users use bicycles as a means to conquer racing tracks, and to meet this purpose, you need to own bikes.

And if you are looking to buy a racing bike but do not know which brand of the best bike to choose, here are the best cycling bike brands in the world.

1. Specialized racing bike

A bicycle brand of groundbreaking innovations and innovations in the bicycle industry. Since its inception in 1981, the company has been constantly pursuing the development of new technologies used in bicycles – thought to be a rudimentary vehicle.

2. Bianchi racing bicycle

Famous sports bicycle brand from the United States famous for Countervail technology – the brake system in combination. Bianchi’s racing bikes are very familiar with cyclists and many of Bianchi’s racing bikes have entered history as one of the world’s best racing bikes every year, for example bicycle. Racing Bianchi Infinito CV.

3. Cannondale racing bike 

Launched in 1983 Cannondale bikes bring to market a very impressive range of road racing bikes. Since its inception, Cannodale has gained a great deal of success with its bikes helping riders to win high prizes in cycling competitions, such as the 5 Giro d’Italia Maglia Rosas championships.

4. Cervelo race bike

Speed ​​bike manufacturer Cervelo was founded in 1995 by two engineers to create the fastest bike possible. In 2014, Cervelo’s bicycles were voted as one of the best 40 bicycles by 2014 by both the American top ranked American Cyclery and Fit Werx.

The company currently produces mainly 3 bicycle series including R series, S series and P series. All of its bikes are made from carbon frames and have the speed of “light” that many riders love.

5. Trek high-end bicycle

Famous for mountain biking and mixed bikes for many different travel needs, the famous car company from the United States – Trek deserves to stand among the top bicycle brands in the world.

Founded in 1976, Trek bikes are known for their high quality bikes, dealing with simple and complex problems for cyclists. For the Trek sports bike line, the company also has but specialized to bring users with the best speed and perfection for users.