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10 tips you should know when mountain biking riding

Mountain bike riding can be a great way to ride in the countryside, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet and socialize with interesting companions. Joining the first time can be a little difficult and requires a lot of support.

Here are ten tips for the first time taking from my personal experience and being part of a support group. Take note of these and you will not only finish the race but truly enjoy the great feeling of the truth. See quality genuine gear bicycle shop cheap quality.

1. Pre-test on similar terrains to experience and gain experience.

2. Choose a reputable bike brand. Check the quality of the bike carefully at least a few weeks before the event so that you don’t waste time fixing it. You won’t want to waste the whole workout just because your bike has a problem and can’t enter the race.

3. Make sure the bike is a perfect fit and fit. Riding a poorly set bike at high intensity for a long time will cause your leg problems and take a very long time to recover.

4. Start using supplements and energy supplements first during your workout so your body becomes used to them. Do not suddenly start using a new product on the first day as your body is unfamiliar and may have a bad reaction.

5. For the professional, use pain reliever cream and need to use it right away.

6. Organize a great support team to get you ready, a timely cheer will help you recover at the end of the race.

7. Wake up early and warm up slowly to warm up, move your legs and check the trek bike carefully before setting off.

8. Make sure you know all the turns on the road and do not depend on people going ahead to know which section to turn.

9. Ride at your best speed and not braking eagerly by off the road. There is always control and attention to any technical part.

Ride at your best speed and not braking eagerly by off the road

10. Have fun, smile a lot, and joke with your fellow riders. You never know when you might need their help.


Above are 10 tips you should know when mountain biking riding. We wish you will have a safe and fun time enjoying this sport.

All about bikes

Complete guide to choosing the most suitable bike (Part 2)

Racing Bike

Racing bikes are often lightweight to increase speed. The sport bike has the main function of serving in cycling journeys which are usually lightweight, simple structure with slender shape, thin tires, horn handlebar, saddle with characteristics for the driver to lean forward slightly to reduce wind resistance.

The reason this type of sports bike is specially designed to prioritize speed, helping the bike to reach the maximum speed on the travel distance.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes designed uniquely for adventures. This is a bike with a heavier weight than a Road Bike. Designed with the main purpose of exploring and conquering rugged roads and rugged terrain, factors such as high safety, ability to grip the road, good suspension regime are details. The company is focused on this car.

Touring Bike

With its name, Touring Bike has a design optimized for functions such as: load capacity, carrying luggage for trips through long frames. and solid. This type of vehicle is suitable for exercise or road trip.

Besides, when classifying by function, specific sports bikes are male sports bikes, including street bikes (Hybrid bike), type of bikes for performance purposes – performance bikes ( BMX Bike), or folding bicycles and some other vehicles.

Regardless of the classification based on criteria, sports bikes are still one of the most diverse and structural vehicles today. Therefore, choosing a suitable car is not easy at all.

Notes to choose the best male sports bike

Sports bikes are increasingly popular and widely used in the passion of many people, especially men. Because of its stylish design, strong design with a sporty appearance as well as the high-end of each bike, sports bikes have quickly won the trust and favor of men.

From that fact, there are many different types of male sports bikes on the market today with diverse and richly colored designs. So before deciding to choose your male sports bike, you cannot help but consider an important criterion to make the most appropriate and perfect decision.