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The world’s top 3 virtual motorcycle racing betting sites

You can bet not only with real sports matches but also with virtual competitions on betting sites. Maybe you should try the 3 virtual motorcycle racing websites below first.

1. William Hill

As a traditional, trusted bookmaker and a pioneer in virtual sports betting, among the many options in the Virtual World section on William Hill’s website is the virtual motor racing zone, which is very impressive. William Hill has only one virtual track where races are played every four minutes to ensure that players never have to wait long for more betting opportunities.

Those betting opportunities are limited to race winners, paying a quarter of the odds to the riders on the podium of glory. Furthermore, each virtual race is displayed via a stream at the top of the William Hill website, with good cartoon style graphics, and each race comes with actual commentary.

2. Betvictor

Taking second place on our list of the best motorcycle racing betting sites is Betvictor. The site hosts a new race approximately every nine minutes, day and night. That means adventurous players have to wait a bit longer between races than at William Hill but still enjoy impressive animated graphics and realistic, accurate audio commentary.

Like William Hill, Betvictor usually only offers one prize to the winner of the virtual motorcycle race (F1), but there are always terms per way. Those terms are usually 1/5 odds for the top three spots in a given race.

3. Betfred

Betfred offers an outstanding range of virtual motor racing deals. Go to the virtual sports section of the Bet365 website and you’ll find a dedicated motorcycle racing section, in which races from two fictional tracks are held.

At each track, the races run in as little as three minutes and have staggered start times, meaning you never have to wait more than two minutes at any time of day or night when starting a new virtual motorcycle race.

And when you decide to watch Betfred’s virtual motorcycle racing section, you will see that it consists of two main parts. At the top of the page is where races are shown live, and each player gets high-quality graphics and real-time entertainment commentary.