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The most famous bicycle brands in the world nowadays (Part 3)

6. Scott

Scott is famous for cycling bikes and is a desirable brand worldwide. Its bikes have a stylish design as well as reliable quality. It is a Swiss company that produces different types of bicycles, winter sports equipment, sports darts as well as motorsport equipment.

The company was founded by Ed Scott, who worked in Sun Valley in 1958. For the first time in history, the brand has produced aluminum skis, a great accomplishment for the brand.

7. Cannondale

Cannondale is a famous and successful bicycle brand in Canada. The history of this company is also extremely interesting. Cannondale was established in a loft above the melon factory. Joe Montgomery and his team started the company by selling outdoor products. The company name is derived from the Cannondale train station opposite the road.

Currently, Cannondale is a specialist brand and is the largest brand that offers the latest stylish bike models. Bicycles of this world-famous car company are very easy to use and are affordable, suitable for the majority of users.

8. Specialized

Specialized is a well-known American bicycle brand, is a manufacturer of bicycles, bicycle components, and related products based in Morgan Hill, California.

Specialized was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, a bicycle enthusiast who sold his Volkswagen for $ 1,500 to make a trip around Europe and buy some parts of Cinelli bike to bring to the US. Sinyard began importing Italian bicycle components but the company also started manufacturing its bicycle parts in 1976.

It is the only spare parts brand involved in creating bicycles and their products are exclusively dedicated to their bikes and become very successful. Specialized products are also imported and exported to other countries for sale all over the world. The products are available at all price ranges to suit all consumers.